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How To Be Efficient While Working From Home

Written by Abbey Shafer

Working from home in many ways can help boost productivity & help alleviate work life balance for many employees. With the current COVID-19 outbreak the vast majority of companies are shifting completely to remote work with no end date in sight. We’re here to help set you up for success for your days of remote work!

Stick to Your Routine

Enjoy that bit of extra time hitting your snooze button, but follow your normal morning routine with getting ready. Take a shower, eat some breakfast and try to stay in your normal rhythm. This is especially crucial for those with little ones at home.

Work Your Normal Hours

Typically work 9-5? Keep it that way. Shifting your hours will not only create confusion for your coworkers, but will also become difficult to manage your work time & personal time while you’re at home.

Take a Break

Those trips to the cafeteria or water cooler are often your times to regain sanity while at the office. Utilize that time at home to take a walk, grab a snack, and decompress for a few minutes before returning back to your computer.

Get Dressed

Even if it’s just out of your pajamas and into some loungewear, psychologically throwing on new clothes when the day starts increases your productivity.

Organize a Home Office

Setting up a clean & organized space to work is crucial. Find a desk/table area of your home that you are able to spread out, making space for any office supplies, important documents, etc. Make sure your chair is something that is able to give you enough support throughout the day.



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