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How Should I Prepare My House For a Showing?

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Hosting an open house is an important step in the process of selling your home. The quality of your showing could be the difference between a rapid transaction or stagnant waiting period. To ensure your open house goes well, preparing your home for the showing should be a top priority. Follow these tips to ensure you have a successful showing and hopefully a quick sell!

Remove the Clutter

A cluttered home will only give the impression that the space is too small, which is an immediate turnoff for buyers. Be sure to remove clutter off of all the tables and chairs- you may think that they add personality to your home, but potential buyers need to be able to visualize the space for themselves. Also, remove certain furniture pieces if they’re contributing to the clutter or making a space seem smaller than it actually is. The goal is to make the home look as large as possible, and sliding past cramped furniture pieces will definitely make a negative impression among potential buyers.

Wash Away the Grime

The home’s interior might be dusted and wiped down, but the exterior surfaces may need some extra TLC. Consider pressure washing the exterior of your home so that any noticeable grime is removed- this will give your home’s paint job a more vibrant appearance. Also pay attention to your windows, give them a good wipe down on the inside and outside if they have smudges. These little touches may go unnoticed, but they will definitely be noticed if they don’t happen.

Add Potted Plants

Natural greenery gives the home an attractive appearance because it makes the space feel more airy and breathable- the oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer occurring within the leaves will remove odors from the interior. Potted plants are the easiest way to achieve this when preparing the home for a showing, just make sure to add the plants about a week before the showing so that the air transfer can be started as soon as possible. Adding plants along the front walkway and flanking the doorway also gives the exterior a welcoming feel as guests approach the home.

Pull Personal Items

The main purpose of a household showing is creating an image for buyers- they need to walk into a home and see themselves living there. That’s difficult to imagine when there are personal mementos and photos on every surface in the home. Try to remove excess personal pictures from tables and walls, and add artwork that’s borrowed or purchased. This will give the walls an attractive focal point while contributing to the property’s image.

Shampoo the Carpet

The carpet might be free from stains, but it can still house many odors that you may not notice because you’ve grown accustomed to it. Consider a shampooing service before you start showing your home and allow enough time between the shampooing and the open house for the carpet to dry. Shampooing your carpet will ensure that only a clean scent is present as you welcome visitors into the home. Don’t forget about cleaning the rugs as well.

Utilizing these tactics before you start showing your home will make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves and their family living there. These steps are easy, take little time and will help sell your home faster after your showing!

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