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How Real Estate Agents Should Market Properties to Millennials

Written by MoveEasy

With millennials increasingly carving out their spot within the home-buying market, it’s a no-brainer that as a real estate agent you need to begin understanding their drives and trends so that you can better market your properties to this avocado toast-loving generation.

A recent article from Time Inc mentions the SunTrust survey that reveals what one-third of the millennial homebuyers are in the market for: A yard/more space for their current or future canine companions.

You read that right. Thirty-three percent of millennials that are currently seeking property ownership want to invest in real estate that will sustain their four-legged children, not their future two-legged ones. Only 19 percent of those surveyed listed children as an incentive for investing in a home.

As a successful real estate agent, you pay attention to home buying trends–taking proper steps and measures to accurately market properties to specific demographics. And this percentage of home-buying millennials is too large to ignore, so we’ve come up with a list of key features to entice dog owners that will help you research and market your properties to this particular group of dog-loving homebuyers:

Research the following about your listings and their surrounding communities to gage which of them will suit and know which of your properties have dog-friendly communities:

  • Is there a local dog park to socialize at?
  • Are there walking trails to exercise both dog and owner?
  • Where is the nearest veterinary clinic for domestic animals?
  • Is there a pet store, or preferably a variety, located close by?
  • Any top-rated daycares in the area?
  • Do any of your listings have already existing fenced-in yards?

These are all basic selling points of a property and its surrounding community that are attractive to dog owners. You can even go the extra mile and investigate the local community events or establishments for yearly events or dog-friendly restaurant patios.



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