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How Moving Companies Can Use Technology to Generate More Business

Written by MoveEasy

Moving companies in a given area are a dime a dozen- customers are certainly overwhelmed by all of these choices, and moving companies are concerned about their visibility in the industry, particularly when it comes to their online presence. In order to make your company stand out, you need to make your business a booming one by using technology to encourage more client interactions. The right technological strategy could help your trucks stay busy helping customers each day.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM

A CRM system is almost mandatory for businesses- these customer management tools are basically enhanced databases. Within each client account is their history, contact information and data regarding possible sales strategies. Ideally, they’re stored on a cloud system so that every mover in your company can access the information. Moving companies can contact these clients when necessary, and they’ll have all of the pertinent details ready for an educated sale. Clients will appreciate the customized experience as they learn more about the latest specials.

Engagement Analytics

If a moving company had a showroom floor, they could observe customer habits as they looked at products or learned about services. When you have an online presence, however, you need to focus on engagement analytics to understand customers’ habits. Use analysis software that can break down your website’s internal processes into usable information. You’ll learn about solitary visitors and returning clients, understand people’s clicking patterns and page visits- all of this information can be used to alter your website so that more people are engaged with the content. You’ll have more customer inquiries when the pages are easily accessible and interesting.

Social Media Experiences

Moving companies can use social media to generate more client engagement and interactions. Offer interesting tips about the moving business, and extend the information to home improvement. When you’re seen as a helpful resource to the client, you become a trusted partner instead of a sales team. Social media may not directly generate sales, but it will build trust and rapport with your followers and you will remain on top of their minds when it comes time for them to move again.

Integrating a Lead Capture Tool

Your moving company may have a contact page that’s relatively basic by design- enhance this page by adding an improved interface, such as a lead capture tool. When using MoveEasy’s lead capture tool, visuals pop up on the screen so that clients can “build” their move. Pick out a chair, table and other items that will be part of the service. The inputted data gives the client an exact charge for the move while helping the movers out with as much information about the day as possible.

With so much technology at your fingertips, it might be easy to forget about basic customer service. Always keep courtesy and friendliness as top priorities, especially through a virtual platform. Clients still respond to genuine kindness and knowledge about the industry. You’ll have a growing moving business in no time.

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