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How Moving Companies Can Best Deal With First-Time Movers

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Doing anything for the first time doesn’t always sit well with many people, especially something as big as moving. Dealing with individuals that are going about moving for the first time often requires the employees of your moving company to go above and beyond in regards to patience and professionalism.

Communication is key

Obviously, no one is going to book a moving company days in advance; they are going to be booking you months in advance. Instead of waiting for them to call and confirm all the details of the move, call and confirm everything with them (and do so multiple times). Be proactive with the communication of (especially new) customers, so they are positive that you are reliable and have everything under control.

In addition, be available to provide means of communication any day of the week (yes, even evenings and weekends) to be sure that if any questions or problems arise, your customers are able to have them resolved hassle-free.

Patience is THE virtue

If you are dealing with first-time movers, you are likely to have one of two situations occur. You are either going to have the individuals feeling too overwhelmed to be involved and be completely removed from the situation; or you are (more often than not) going to have the individuals turn into the ultimate “hover-ers,” trying to tell you how to do your job. Believe it or not, both can be dealt with in the same exact way: professionalism and patience.

This all comes back to customer service. Being trained on how to deal with situations where you might normally lose your cool will come in handy when you are actually faced with just that. Moving people that aren’t in the way is great, but dealing with hovering, frazzled, stress-balls can be unnerving. First off, deep breath. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and realize the feelings they are feeling, and the validity of freaking out over moving your entire life for the first time.

Maintaining a high level of patience and having the ability to refer back to training on how to deal with difficult situations will allow you to make it through those tough moves with a smile and a happy customer.

Offer your professional (and personal) input

Being on the other side of the move, you are able to offer some great insight to [hopefully] ease the nerves of your currently scatter-brained customers. Have information ready about previous moves you have helped with and how successful they turned out.

In addition, meet the customer on the level they are at. If you feel that they may find comfort in your ability to relate with them, do that. Don’t be afraid to provide personal experience on your prior moves and ways that you (or other people you know) found it was easiest to adjust and get unpacked and comfortable.

Ultimately, this level of attention to detail should be the standard for all customers, but should be especially implemented towards first-time movers. There should be an immediate sense of reliability and trust on both ends, and the continual practice of excellent customer service. Ensuring comfort and approachability will leave your customer knowing their particular situation is valued and being given special attention, leading them to be far more willing to offer a positive referral when the move is over.

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