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How Coronavirus is Affecting Real Estate

Written by Abbey Shafer

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus has entered the United States full force, and with it has disrupted every day life for most Americans. The disease is spread through respiratory droplets via coughing/sneezing, and has began to affect facet to face businesses across the country.

You can find all CDC recommendations here on how to prevent contracting the coronavirus, and it is recommended that large gatherings are avoided.

As expected, this has had a direct impact on the real estate industry, with record breaking interest rates, and listing rates dropping as sellers delay putting their homes up for sale. Home showings & walk throughs are also likely to cease with the CDC recommendation of avoiding social contact as much as possible, and many conventions & meet ups are expected to be cancelled in the coming weeks. Travel for those relocating to new states is also likely to cease.

To avoid spreading COVID-19, virtual tours & home walkthroughs are recommended, service calls are suggested to be rescheduled/delayed, and face to face business should be held over the phone/video chat if possible.

In the meantime, check out some of our recommended real estate podcasts to keep your mind moving here. Stay safe & stay healthy!

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