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How Can a Moving Company Exceed Customer Expectations?

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As with any other business, a moving company aims to provide its customers with the highest quality service possible. This, of course, is done to increase customer retention rates and build a customer base through referrals. There can be a lot of ways to get to that point, so we’ve done some research for you. Below, you’ll find some tested and proven strategies to earn your company a five-star rating from customers.

Take Surveys

Asking for customers to fill out surveys after a move is a great way to grade your team’s service quality. Have a questionnaire form printed and ready to be filled out when you leave, or collect email addresses so that you can email the survey later. The survey should take less than five minutes to complete and involve simple yes or no questions. Too long of a questionnaire may discourage your customers from participating or cause them to hastily check boxes to get it over with. That being said, do include space at the bottom for the customer to add any additional comments so that they have the opportunity to express an opinion. Conducting surveys either online or in-person is an essential step toward identifying how your current customer service approach is being received by the intended audience and what changes you can make to improve it.

Invest in Workforce Training

If you have to choose between quality control and service training, invest your capital in service training. Requiring employees to participate in training programs that can improve employee knowledge and skill at all levels can help prepare them to handle any situation they may face on the job. It will also instill a sense of independence throughout your company because you won’t have to keep a close eye on your employees at all times.

Streamline the Process

You should make it straightforward and convenient for customers to find you, request a quote and book your moving services. Check on your website’s analytics regularly to determine how long the average customer has to be on your site before they find exactly what they are looking for. If it is easy for future customers to search for your business and get in touch with a representative, you’ll be able to close more deals.

Follow Up

Following up with previous customers is a great way to make them feel valued after the move is complete. Most businesses don’t put in the extra effort to contact a customer once they’ve received payment for products or services rendered. However, maintaining good customer relationships is key to succeeding in any business, regardless of size or industry. Give them a call and ask how the new place is doing. It may sound too simple or obvious, but it can have an immense long-term impact for your brand.

Acknowledge and Reward

A happy workforce is a more productive workforce that provides better service to customers. Acknowledge any good habits or work that’s put in by each employee and reward them for it. Even simple praises can go a long way in boosting employees’ confidence and motivation to be better at their job. Better yet, award a plaque along with a financial reward on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how well your movers perform.

The moving industry is a cutthroat field. You’ll need the competitive edge to survive long enough to grow a successful business. Use the five tips above to provide better customer service, increase sales and profit and build a larger customer base.

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