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Hiring a Babysitter for Move-In Day

Every parent wants to know that their kids are in a safe, supervised space on busy days and this fact especially holds true on move-in day. If you’re moving to a new neighborhood, you might consider researching babysitters or day-cares in your new area before your arrival. Many parents hire a nanny or drop their kids off at a relative’s house on move-in day to keep them out of the hectic atmosphere. Between packing and unpacking boxes, directing the movers where to go, and getting furniture re-assembled, keeping track of your kids is the last thing you should need to worry about.

Hiring a babysitter you’ve never met before may seem scary, which is why websites like exist, to recommend only qualified, trustworthy caregivers. By finding a trustworthy babysitter right away, you can also save yourself time in the future when you may be in urgent need of a sitter and don’t yet know many people in the area.

When hiring a new babysitter, make sure to ask them several questions before hiring. Some of these questions may have to do with previous experience, how they would handle an emergency, and why they want to work with kids. Once you’ve found someone for move-in day, also remember to pack a bag of necessities and toys to take with them. This bag should include a change of clothes, some forms of entertainment, and snacks. Once you get your children taken care of, you’ll be in the best possible position to prepare for your exciting move!

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