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Get Your Pets Health Certificate

A Pet’s Health Certificate is a document signed by a license veterinarian that states your animal is free of any contagious diseases and is up-to-date on all vaccinations. This certificate is required to be in your possession at all times when your pet is in a different state or crossing borders.

More specifically, your pet must be rabies-free to be allowed to cross state lines. In some countries they even require your pet to be previously treated for ticks or heartworm in some areas.

It may also be wise to put a microchip in your pet if your vet doesn’t already do so. This is to prepare for if they get loose and end up at a pound. The shelter will scan your pet for a chip and not sell or euthanize them.

If you can’t find your copy of your Pet’s Health Certificate, notify your vet immediately. They might be able to email or fax you a copy. If not, obtain this document prior to moving by visiting your vet’s office. The last thing you want is to run into a legal battle because you did not prepare the proper paperwork for your pet’s move.

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