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Get Recommendations for a Veterinarian in Your New Town

Moving to a different city isn’t only hard on you or your family, but also hard on your beloved pets! They have to become familiar with their new surroundings and change vets. Prior to moving, you should always make sure your pet is up to date with any vaccinations and generally healthy enough to move. Here is our how to guide on finding a new vet.

Ask you current vet
Make your current veterinarian aware of your move. You’ll need to obtain your pet’s medical history from them anyways. Ask them if they’re familiar with the area you’re moving to and have any suggestions for you. If you trust and like your vet now, chances are you will like whom they recommend. Also ask if they have any advice when searching for a new vet in your new community. Perhaps, your pet requires specific care and they can help you research potential options accordingly.

Ask a friend
Next, take your dog to a dog park or ask friends, family, coworkers or neighbors you may have in your new town. They or someone they know will have a vet their pet visits and be able to provide you with some past experiences and reviews.

Do your own research. Read reviews about local veterinarian clinics and even request a wellness exam. Visit the clinic and evaluate its quality for yourself. You may be underwhelmed by their wellness exam and want to keep looking, which is totally acceptable. You need to find someone that makes you and your pet feel comfortable.

When searching for a new vet it’s most important to make sure you have copies of your pet’s medical history and believe that your pet is being treated with tremendous care. They’re as much a part of your family as anyone and deserve the same kind of attention.

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