Buying a Home Moving Tips

Get Info About Restrictions

First-time movers may be unaware of potential restrictions you could face on move-in day. Depending on if you’re moving to an apartment, condo, or moving to a city or a private neighborhood. Your new building and city may require specific days, times and methods in order to move. Know the right questions to ask and who to ask to ensure you have a smooth move-in day.

Ask property manager
If you are moving into a rental, ask your landlord about move-in restrictions and suggestions. They may a loading area they would prefer you to use for moving as well as a specific elevator or staircase. Not only that, but you may be restricted on dates and times which all depend on your building.

Ask the city
Inner cities have parking limitations. If you are moving to a busy city that requires parking permits or doesn’t approve of moving trucks in back allies, call or make a visit to your city’s parking bureau. You’ll avoid getting a ticket and may even get a day pass to move peacefully.

Talk to your new neighbors
Ask your neighbors for advice, preferences, or if they’re able to open up a few parking spots for your moving truck. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to consider their schedule and may even help you unload your boxes!

Most of the time, cities and people are pretty understanding and accommodating to movers. It’s better to play things safe though to avoid getting slammed with extra costs or starting off on the wrong foot. Take the time to ask questions and research so you have the most stress-free moving day as possible.

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