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Generate More Business for your Moving Company with Instant Quotes

Written by MoveEasy

The moving industry has not come close to fully utilizing the efficiency and convenience of the instant quote. Many companies in other industries, such as Kayak and Uber, are using instant quotes to increase their speed and accuracy. This increased speed and accuracy leads to a large credibility factor.  If you are on the fence about getting the instant quote for your service, here are some reasons you should consider implementation:

Differentiation & Brand Perception:

An instant quote allows for differentiation from competition by giving a value proposition on your website that will lead to the customer actually getting instant quotes at any hour of the day. This immediate quote leads to a higher chance of converting that potential customer into a definite customer. Why, you ask? There is a certain credibility and reliability factor that comes with an instant quote. This stems from the experience of the costumer getting accurate results with the click of a button. As the company is continuously seen as being more tech savvy and transparent with their pricing, customers are more likely to engage with them.

Engage the Customer:

“What’s in it for me?” Most people today have this mentality and want to get something before giving something. Not everyone has the time wait on the phone even for 15-20 minutes to provide all their information, let alone doing that with multiple companies. An instant quote tool, gives them that something immediately. With hectic schedules, there is a valid argument that the mover selection process could be neglected during regular business hours but with an instant quote the customer is engaging with your website at their convenience. It allows for a quick and easy process with immediate gratification, while allowing companies to interact with that client during the day in a much more efficient manner.


By turning the quote process into an instant online experience, you are able to better utilize the time of your sales staff. Instead of giving all quote requests the same level of importance, you can set up your system such that all low margin quotes get instant quotes while your sales staff spends more time talking to high value clients. Moreover, instead of spending time talking about important yet tedious things such as inventory and location details, which every moving company does, they can now take the time on the call to talk about how your moving company can enhance the customer’s entire moving experience. All this saved time will also allow your sales representatives to really sell your value proposition.

More business:

On the editing side of the instant quote, give your customers an option of differential pricing for various days of the month. If you lower your pricing for specific days when demand is low, price-sensitive customers may decide to pick those days. This fills in a once vacant spot and will help you utilize days on which you are not already fully booked. Now your customer has a moving day and price satisfaction, and you have generated business on a day that you may not have previously booked (adding revenue you didn’t have before).

With the implementation of the instant quote, moving companies will see their productivity and customer satisfaction increase immensely. The growing demand to have high quality and instant gratification can easily be met by moving forward with advancements in technology and the implementation of the instant quote tool.

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