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Final Repairs/Touch Ups for Your Old Home

Final Repairs/Touch Ups for Your Old Home

Do not be that homeowner or leaser that doesn’t properly clean and repair their home before moving out. A homeowner risks the possibility of being sued if you leave your home in poor condition for the new residents. Renters also jeopardize the chance of getting their deposit back if they leave their old space dirty and damaged. Follow our checklist to properly clean and touch up your home before moving out.

Assess the walls
Check all the walls and ceilings in your home for stains, scratches, or holes. Invest in a Magic Eraser sponge. It does wonders for removing stains.
If you are leasing your home, check with the property manager if they would like you to repair any holes or not. Some landlords actually prefer if their own maintenance handled such things. Also ask about paint. Some rented units allow leasers to paint their walls, while others do not. Make sure you are repainting the walls with the correct color.

Check appliances
Go through your home and check all of the appliances the next owners will interact with. This includes lights, running water, drains, plumbing, air systems, and fridge or washer systems if they are staying behind. Seek professional help if you do not feel confident about fixing these appliances properly. Again, if you are a leaser, make your landlord aware and they will more than likely have their personal maintenance fix the issues.

Wipe down countertops, sinks, and appliances. Dust fixtures and the top of hard to reach places. Leave the place how you arrived, if not even cleaner than when you arrived. Wait to vacuum until the very end to pick up anything that may have fallen while you cleaned.

On top of leaving the place clean, do not leave behind any valuables you do not want. Trash them. The new owners don’t want to file through your unwanted belongings and the landlord could charge you for the manual labor you caused.

As long as you clean and leave the place in a pristine condition, the next owners and your property manager will be grateful!

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