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How to Ensure Yourself Referrals Without Asking For Them

Written by MoveEasy

Simple tips to increase referrals for your real estate business.

Real estate agents are unfortunately not few and far between which makes the competition steep, and referrals for most agents are a decently important part of their ongoing business.

As a real estate agent, referrals mean that you have created a brand for yourself that people have decided they like and recommend to their friends. That kind of business comes with a basis of trust that you won’t have established with other non-referred clients, and therefore increases the likelihood that they will continue to work with you. If these new clients like your brand’s experience, then you’ve secured another set of referrals.

But how do you get from Point A to Point B?

It’s true that a common practice is to ask previous clients for their referral, and we are by no means telling you to quit this practice, but why not create a brand that speaks for itself? This way you don’t have to spend time tracking down old clients and asking for their referrals and you’ll be on your way to becoming the top real estate agent in your market area by word-of-mouth alone. By perfecting the following best practices you will undoubtedly have a leg up over your competition.

Active Online Presence

With more and more Generation Ys (known lovingly as Millennials) entering the housing market scene, an online presence has become absolutely crucial for any brand vying for their business. Not only is a professional website a must- have, but an active social media presence will do you wonders as well.

Professional Marketing Materials

Basically, don’t advertise your services with the hokey zigzag cut out claiming to be the “Best Realtor in Town!” paired with an amateur photoshopped picture of yourself in front of a home. Nothing screams more sales-y than that. We know real estate is sales, but your clients aren’t going to want to feel like they’re just the means to reaching your bottom line.

A good CRM system customized for real estate agents

If you don’t have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you should get one and start using it like yesterday. If you are using a CRM, ask yourself if it’s suited well for your real estate agent needs. No? Find a new one because a system that is designed with real estate agents in mind will offer you an experience better tailored to your industry.

Quick to Respond and Availability

If a client emails you and it takes you days to respond, then they will find a real estate agent who is more prompt. Investing in a smartphone—if you haven’t already in our smartphone-drive world—will benefit you greatly on the client communication front.

Go the Extra Mile

Going above and beyond is hardly a foreign concept in real estate. This is where your CRM tool will become an invaluable asset. Mark your clients birthdays, anniversaries, home-aversary and make little notes. Are they a diehard fan for a specific sports team? Was there a big win recently? This would be a perfect opportunity to keep your relationship relevant. Make notes of important hobbies, pets or children as well. And of course don’t forget the relevant reminders for their moving process!


MoveEasy can also help you ensure your future referrals by earning your client’s goodwill through our full-service moving assistant. Our services can be directly embedded onto your website, so your client sees only you and your brand. Your client’s will be your best source of advertisement after experiencing the hassle-free move you can offer them with our service!

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