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Disassemble Furniture

Disassemble Furniture

Most large furniture pieces don’t need to be disassembled for your move. If you hired professional movers, they will have their preferred method. Some things, such as bed frames, will require you to take apart for the move.

The best way to go about disassembling your furniture is to take pictures of them first. Take several wide shots and close ups of specific screws or tools. Make a separate album for these photos on your phone.

Write down or use the note section in your phone to jot down any specifics about a piece you would like to remember when you assemble it again.

Place all the screws, nails, or bolts in a plastic bag and tape that bag securely to the furniture piece so there isn’t confusion about what pieces go to which furniture set.

Use bubble wrap, tissue, or tape to safely secure your pieces for the move. Also ask your movers about moving sliders if you plan on moving some items around yourself.

Disassembling furniture may seem like a scary task but is actually fairly simple as long as you are organized.

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