Creating a Cozier Home

Written by Abbey Shafer

Making your new house feel like home is one of the best ways to get adjusted to your new environment! Creating a cozier atmosphere is relatively easy using different accents in your home.

For cozier lighting consider buying a dimmer lightbulb for lamps or overhead lighting. Avoiding blue shaded LED lights will make your place feel cozier & warmer (especially during colder seasons). Utilizing candles is another great way to create a cozier environment & help your home smell great! Warmer scents like vanilla, or woodier scents like Mahogany will help transform your space not only visually, but through smell!

Texture is another major factor when creating a cozier home. Throw blankets and pillows seem like an obvious choice, but opting for a more textured looking pattern for upholstery, or a thicker rug are other great ways make your space feel more quaint. Artwork featuring textured focal items are also a great way to bring in a cozier feeling.

Finally the layout of your space is another factor to consider. Creating “nook” spaces in your home is a great way to make your space feel cozier, whether it be in your living space or bedroom. Gathering living chairs around one focal item (i.e an ottoman or coffee table) for easy conversation, or using an L shaped sofa in a corner are just a few examples of how you can rearrange your furniture for a warmer and more inviting space.


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