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Check With Insurance Agent About Change in Policy

Check With Insurance Agent About Change in Policy

Prior to moving, you obviously need to make your insurance companies aware of your move and new address. The move could potentially affect some of your current insurance policies and perhaps for the better! Sit down to speak with your insurance provider to better understand what is needed from you and how your policy could change.

About two months before moving date
This is the adequate amount of time you should initially notify your insurance providers about your move. Dependent of your state, your provider may have to add-on or make adjustments to your current policy.

When you contact the insurance company, have details on hand. Details such as traveling distance, distance of new commute to work, year new home was built, square footage of home, etc. All of these things could be considered assets or save you money on an updated insurance plan. Although not every insurance plan will be affected, it is still vital to make them aware of your move.

About a week before moving date
You’ll want to change your address with your insurers as close as possible to the move-in date. This is because you may be forwarded important documents to your new address that will need a response ASAP.

Insurance companies are used to clients moving and will be quite accommodating. Just notify your insurers properly and they will be able to provide you with the rest.

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