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Everything You Need To Know About Using Car Shipping Services

Written by MoveEasy

When it comes to transporting your vehicle to a place of residence, the best and most cost-effective method will be to transport it yourself. In a perfect world you’ll load up your car with the items outlined here and be on your way, but what happens when you own more cars than abled drivers? There could be a new teen driver involved or perhaps you have a classic car or maybe you’re flying to your residence.

There are endless possible scenarios we could lay out here, but the point is that there are situations where it just isn’t possible to transport your car personally and you find yourself in need of a car shipping service, and when choosing this service, there are important factors to keep in mind.

Are you shipping your regularly used car or a classic/high-value car? The latter will require a car shipping service that is specialized in transporting classic cars.

Don’t use an auto mover that suggests an open bed truck as a suitable transport method for your high-valued classic. You’ll want a closed container to move this kind of car and a service with an insurance coverage you feel comfortable with.

Speaking of insurance, research a potential car shipping service’s insurance policy thoroughly before making any decisions. What does their policy cover should any damage occur and what does your own insurance cover? Most likely, your insurance won’t cover much and it’s best not to rely on them unless you want to risk your premiums increasing or losing your money to deductibles. Once your car has been delivered, make sure you inspect the car with the driver and report any potential damages.

Classic cars will cost you a rather small fortune to transport because they require special handling and care. According to Cost Helper, a classic car transport can add anywhere between $800-$3,000 to your total.

Now let’s give a few examples of what that total could be.

Auto movers take into account the weight and size of a car, as well as the length of the journey. So, the larger the car and longer the distance, the more expensive it will be.

Having been given the best rates across several different car shipping services through uShip, a winter cross-country move from Columbus, OH to Phoenix, AZ with a midsize crossover could cost anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 for door-to-door service.

And lets not forget that there is a difference between service in all 50 states and service to only mainland USA. If you’re moving from or to Alaska or Hawaii your list of available shipping methods may narrow. Using uShip once more, the costs for a Hawaiian move from Columbus, OH are estimated between $2,800 and $3,800 with only two car shipping service providers listed as available for the job.

Another pretty big factor that will affect the price of your car transport will be the time of year you want to relocate your car. Winter is generally cheaper than the peak moving season of summer. If a summer move is on your horizon, the be prepared to pay a couple hundred dollars more.

If all this seems overwhelming or outside of your budget range, then you can always look into other car shipping options, or avoid it all by selling your car and buying a new one once settled in your new residence. This option also eliminates the hassle of checking a relocated vehicle for any digressions against a differing state’s vehicle regulations and laws.


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