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Why You Should Move to Asheville, North Carolina

Make Asheville Your New Home

Perhaps you know Asheville, North Carolina as Beer City, USA, or landmark to the largest house in America, the Biltmore Estate, or simply a picturesque town outside the Appalachians. Whichever way you put it, Asheville is an appealing city to consider moving to no matter your age or background. They have a wide array of attractions to offer their residents and we narrowed down our favorites.

Music scene

Similar to Nashville, Asheville’s music scene is so prominent and unique. Natives are proud of their Appalachian roots and known for their upbeat folk sound. Most of their eateries are centered around live musical entertainment. Venues, for example Orange Peel, are famous for their quaint, intimate spaces that attract big name artists like Bob Dylan or The Black Keys. They have dozens of local artists and music shops to please just about anyone. In addition, Asheville hosts large music festivals year-around that are sure to make even the worst dancers get up on their feet!


Asheville resides on the outskirts of the beautiful Great Smoky National Park. Here you can zip line through forests or slide down natural waterfalls. We’re not joking. You can actually live out your Pocahontas dreams of jumping from the peak of a waterfall. No worries, there are lifeguards nearby to ensure your safety. Thrill seekers can try their hand at difficult white water rafting courses. If you’re a bit on the calmer side, you can ride a bike or take a hike through Cataloochee Valley and catch a glimpse of wild elk grazing in the open fields. Car tours are even available for those that want to conserve their energy for later.


Residents like to refer to Asheville as “Foodtopia”. On Asheville’s main website, you can find a list of Foodtopians. These are the chefs, brewers, bakers and café owners of Asheville. They have a wide range of restaurants from four-star cooking to comfort-home dishes. Small businesses flourish at farmer markets where you can find fresh homegrown ingredients that they swear are packed with way more flavor. They even have “farm to table” tours where you can experience the agriculture process first hand. The best part is you get to eat food at the end of tour!

Asheville didn’t get the title “Beer City USA” for nothing. They are home to around 100 local beers served bottle or draft. Nearly every Asheville restaurant has some kind of native brew on tap. They’ve been in the craft business way longer than any 21st century hipster. Wine lovers will also love Asheville’s vineyard tours. Much like their food tours, travelers can assists their host in making wine of all flavors and sample at the end.


Visitors, especially women, will love the wide variety of boutiques and shops in Asheville. They will particularly enjoy the aSHEville Museum made for female empowerment and hosts a number of exhibits. Their gift shop features handmade work from local artisans that can only be found in Asheville. The shopping districts range from high to low-end products. Most shops are easily accessible by foot and are in the charming downtown region of Asheville.

Asheville, North Carolina can be a home for the cool, calm and collective as well as the biggest adventure seekers. Their unique music, stunning landscape, and wide variety of food and shopping can please any resident or tourist. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to explore the great city that is Asheville.

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