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7 Ways For Moving Companies To Keep Morale High During Busy Seasons

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Prime-times for moving requires top notch attention and focus. When people begin buying and selling left and right, it means moving companies have their work cut out for them for a good three to four months. With the busy seasons requiring lots of focus and manual labor, it’s important to keep morale high and be sure that employees are being reminded of their value in the company so high output is consistently given.

Reminder of value

Weekly, even daily reminders that the team could not succeed without each member is vital to company success. Employees are far more likely to put in good work if they are being acknowledged as having a vital presence that directly contributes to team-wide success.


“If all goes well this week and we finish on time, dinner on me.”

Boom, output. If you are at a loss for incentives and don’t have a huge budget, food is a big motivator. Prepare the promise (and delivery) of a meal or two following good work.

Financial Rewards

If you do have some kind of budget for a monetary reward, give it. Food might be a good motivator, but money is definitely the biggest motivator you could possibly offer. Knowing that good work leads to more money is going to create a positive association with putting in longer hours.

Public shout-outs

Everyone likes being recognized for hard work, and that recognition is far more satisfying in front of a crowd. Call people out for good work in group settings. This could be in a group meeting or even in a company-wide email.

Don’t forget the fun

Plan some company-wide events that take the focus off of work for a short period of time to remind employees that your company is not all work and no play. This is often implemented through sporting events or picnic-type outings. Having fun events planned on a company calendar is just another thing for employees to be excited about and look forward to down the road.

Be a Resource

The best thing you can be as a manager in any type of business, is approachable. Make sure that if any one of your employees has a problem, they know that you are willing to drop anything and everything to listen and be a resource. Creating an open and welcoming environment as a management team sets the precedence that employee well-being is a priority, and no one would want to leave an environment where they feel as though their happiness is a priority.

The ‘thank you’

Probably the easiest and most underrated form of appreciation – saying thank you. Thanking employees for hard work can speak volumes when it comes to morale. No one wants to feel undervalued, and thanking someone lets them know you acknowledge their work and appreciate it as well.

Company attitude begins with the tone set by the management team, and that tone determines the entire mentality of the staff. Bringing up morale in stressful and busy times is extremely important when it comes to producing good work and the desire to stay on board.

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