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7 Simple Steps to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Written by Joey Thomas

A home’s outdoor appearance is often what makes the difference between a buyer moving on or checking out the house further. We know that curb appeal is important, but what are some effective ways to make a home look inviting to all potential buyers? 

Landscaping is Key

While it’s a no-brainer to keep a home’s lawn mowed, other kinds of landscaping can have a huge effect on a home’s overall presentation. A simple hour spent with a hedge trimmer can transform an exterior and take it from wilderness to wonderful. In addition, a light layer of mulch or stones can really spice up your front yard and make it pop. 

Paint the Front Door

Grab a few paint swatches and hold them up to your door to find a color that complements the house’s color scheme. Choose a bold color that accentuates your home’s exterior without clashing for maximum pop. If you’re having trouble deciding with just paint swatches, this article from DIY Network has some excellent ideas with picture examples to get you started. 

Porch Light is Right

If your porch light is a little worse for wear, consider replacing it. A clean, new porch light can update your look, and draw attention away from less aesthetic parts of your exterior. Picking a porch light that fits with your house’s color scheme and general feel can really increase appeal from the outside. 

Get Your Mind In the Gutter

A house may have a colorful, eye-grabbing front door and a beautiful porch light, but if the gutters, downspouts and siding are not clean, your curb appeal will suffer. Clear leaves, mud and (sometimes) plants from your gutters and downspouts to allow them to function well and look appealing. For moldy siding, a simple mixture of water and white vinegar can handle light stains. Heavier mold and mildew stains can be cleaned using various mixtures of detergent, household cleaner and similar products. 

Going Green

Nothing says “Welcome” like potted plants and flowers framing a doorway. Investing in a planter or two to spice up your porch can draw potential buyers’ eyes. You can even embrace the power of symmetry by positioning two identical plants on either side of the door to make your exterior even more attractive. If you don’t have the budget for a full-blown porch oasis, even a simple hanging plant can make a difference. 

Mats Are Welcome

A well-chosen welcome mat invites buyers in and makes them feel at home. Opt for a mat that matches your exterior and accentuates your porch for maximum appeal. Mats with a simple message on them beckon to potential buyers. 

Power Washers Are Your Friend

Chances are, if your porch and patio haven’t been cleaned within the last year, they could use a bath. Cleaning off years of dirt and grime can make the world of difference for your exterior and greatly increase curb appeal. If you don’t already have a power washer, there’s no need to buy one. Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes rent power washers for about $40 per day. 

With these 7 vital tips, you will be fully prepared to ensure your house catches the eye of every buyer that passes by.

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Joey Thomas

Joey is the Vice President of Marketing for MoveEasy and a professional videographer. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, he loves spending time with his family and advocating for his community as a Columbus REALTOR®.

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