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6 Common Mistakes When Selling a Home

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As a seller, you should feel confident that you home will sell quickly in the hands of your real estate agent. A home that sits on the market too long becomes stale and is less likely to sell. In order to avoid having this happen to you, don’t make these six very common mistakes when you put your home up for sale.

1. Overlooking the Staging Aspect

Staging is one of the most important aspects of selling a home. When done correctly, it makes it easier for the potential buyer to see themselves living there; when done incorrectly or not done at all, a potential buyer could have a hard time visualizing the house as a home. Clean up all of the clutter, and move some of it into storage if necessary. You want to stage the home in order to encourage positive visualization. If buyers picture themselves living in your home, they’re more likely to offer a lucrative bid. A messy home will only drive potential customers away.

2. Ignoring Bids Under Your Asking Price

Undoubtedly, you put a lot of thought into your asking price- this value may have developed over several days or weeks of contemplation. However, don’t be offended if some bids come in under this value. Although your first reaction may be to ignore the amount, you should consider every bid and if you are very unsatisfied with the offer, come back with a counteroffer. The buyer may be concerned about certain repairs or real-estate trends, and they base the bid on these concepts. A bid that’s slightly under your price point could be the best offer you receive.

3. Working With an Inexperienced Real Estate Agent

Homeowners might hire a friend or try to sell the property on their own, but these strategies can backfire. Ideally, you want an agent that has experience in the local area. Being an unbiased party, this agent can give you an honest assessment of the home. An experienced agent will know all the information about the neighborhood, like homeowner’s association details, school districts and nearby restaurants and retail. Trust a licensed agent to sell your property so that you bring in the best buyers for your home.

4. Omitting Online Photos

Selling a home used to involve flyers and word-of-mouth advertising, but now the internet makes getting the word out about your home much easier. But don’t let the ease of listing your home online make you lazy. You need to put thought into the description of your house and it needs to contain pictures. Listings without videos or images are usually skipped by potential buyers because buyers will not waste their time coming to a home that may or may not be aesthetically pleasing to them. Those visual aids are what tempt people to come out to an open house in most cases.

5. Neglecting Basic Repairs

Peeling or dingy paint and scratched or cracked tile can turn buyers off in a second. Before listing the property, take a moment to really evaluate the home and take notes of any items that require repair. Be sure to fix these components before an inspection or open house. When buyers see a home that’s neglected in certain ways, they’ll question every part of the structure.

6. Ignoring Closing Costs

In most cases, the seller covers closing costs in order to push the transaction through the bank, and as a courtesy to the buyer. If you ignore or underestimate these costs, your sale may not be as lucrative as you first thought. These costs can be $3,000 or more, depending on the home’s value. Always check with the real-estate agent about any fees and charges- they should have a breakdown of the information well before closing.

Avoid all these mistakes when selling your home so that it sells quickly and doesn’t become a stale listing. If you still feel like your home isn’t selling, have a meeting with your real estate agent and talk about why your home isn’t selling.

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