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5 Things They Don’t Tell You When Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can give you a plethora of emotions. It’s exciting, confusing, rewarding, and stressful and so much more. Here are some things no one tells you before purchasing a home for the first time.

  1. You will more than likely get out bided on several offers
    This is a part of the home search process. It can be frustrating at times but know this happens to almost everyone and you will find the right house for you and your needs eventually.
  2. When your offer is accepted you will have doubt
    The eventually has come and someone has accepted your offer. You should be feeling ecstatic, right? No worries, everyone has a second of doubt. It’s a big life decision and it should be something you ponder on considerably. This feeling will subside though because you did your research and fair amount of house showings.
  3. The seller pays the agent, not you
    It’s weird, right? The agent profits from the seller, not the buyers. In this case, they may try to up some of the costs so they can earn a larger return. Speak with a trusted professional to ensure you are dealing with reasonable prices.
  4. There are additional costs besides mortgage
    You’ll soon realize there are more things to consider for your budget besides just mortgage. Most homebuyers can agree that closing costs suck. Again, speak with a trusted professional so you’re aware of these added costs before settling on a budget.
  5. Crazy protective over your home
    Oh, a bee thinks it can hang out near your siding? Did a guest just put a drink down without a coaster? Who do they think they are messing with your treasure? Trust us, you’ll become very anal about protecting your new home and it’s understandable! You put a lot of time and money into this new home and you want to keep it in quality condition.

Most likely, all the thoughts you are having about buying a home for the first time are totally normal. Trust the process.

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