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5 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

Written by MoveEasy

1. Environmentally Efficient Machines

When it comes to cars we aren’t telling you to immediately trade in what you drive now for a hybrid. We’re saying cars don’t last forever and when the time comes to upgrade, try and opt for a transportation method that’s both planet-friendly and fuel-efficient. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and save gas money. Do you live in the city? Give public transit a try. Maybe even walking and cycling, too! Your doctor and the earth will thank you.

As for machinery not in the category of transportation—like dishwashers, refrigerators and laundry machines—look for the Energy Star label to ensure the appliance’s efficiency.


Did you know that in a study performed by Yale University and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it was reported that less than 22% of discarded materials in America are recycled? Recycling is so simple and has gigantic benefits towards protecting habitats from destruction and reducing the amount of pollution caused by waste.

3. Reduce Plastic Use

Take #2 a step further and reduce the amount of plastic you use by bringing reusable bags with you while shopping, investing in reusable water bottles to avoid plastic bottles, and choosing fresh grocery products that aren’t wrapped in plastic. Better for you, better for our earth.

4. Unplug, Turn Off & Replace

Unplug appliances you don’t need plugged in all day (i.e. the coffee maker, blender or toaster). Remember to turn off the lights, television, radio, etc. when you leave the room. And when it’s time to replace your old appliances (see #1) look for energy efficient appliances.

5. Eat Locally Grown

Buying local food supports the farmers in your area, which is more important than most people realize. When a farmer is able to profit from all their land then they are less likely to sell it, which keeps developmental companies from bulldozing that land to erect an air-polluting factory. When you buy locally you are also reducing the carbon footprint caused by transportation.


Moving is an excellent opportunity to establish a few new habits, live more sustainably and impact the earth in a positive way!

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