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5 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Home Before You Move

Written by MoveEasy

Everyone is at least a little guilty of letting clutter pile up. Whether that be not cleaning out your closet at all in the past five years or letting the basement/attic pile up miles high. Either way, if you’re planning a move, there is no room or need for all that clutter in your new place. Here are five easy steps to help you declutter before you move:

Start small

Moving is a pretty daunting task on its own, so decluttering as much as possible is vital moving forward. Getting rid of excess and unnecessary items will not only leave you feeling like you have some breathing room, but will allow you to start fresh in your new place. That being said, don’t overwhelm yourself too soon – start small.

Begin with one room, and build from there. On an even smaller scale, start with one part of one room (i.e, your closet in our bedroom, or the cupboards in your kitchen).  Don’t look at de-cluttering as one giant project, rather, look at it as smaller steps that you can check off your list! This is way less stressful, and you will be proud of yourself after each small hall-closet victory.

Start early

Being timely and prepared is the name of the game here, folks. Your move is three months away? Okay awesome, so don’t start decluttering in two and a half months—start tomorrow! Going off of step one, plan out what sections of your living space you are going to declutter in small steps, and start right away!

The more you get done before-hand, the less stressful the entire process is going to be leading up to the big event.

Stay focused

You’re unpacking and all is going well, then out of nowhere your favorite song comes on the radio, your friend calls, your dog needs to be let out, you feel like snacking – just about everything besides focusing on your decluttering task seems pretty tempting. BUT- stay focused, and you’ll thank yourself later.

It’s impossible to not get distracted every now and again, but staying on task and keeping yourself on track for getting projects done and going through your things is really all about accountability. Having even 5 less boxes in a move can make a huge difference, and before you grab that Xbox controller or that box of chips – remember that.

The “Do I NEED this?” test

Literally, do you NEED that 15th sweatshirt that you got for an ugly sweater party 4 years ago? Probably not. Be brutally honest with yourself when going through your things. Make the decision that if you don’t absolutely need it, it’s ‘gotta go.

Thankfully there are several great options when it comes to getting rid of your items that don’t have to be retired to the trash heap quite yet, such as charitable organizations (Salvation Army, Goodwill, PlanetAid, Ronal McDonald house etc.).

Know how much you can physically take

Gauge the space of your new place and figure out exactly how much will fit, and what that will look like. If you are only able to fit half of the volume of your current living space, only take half of what you currently have. Showing up with too much stuff will leave you feeling overwhelmed and overcrowded.

Once you’re all cleaned out, you will feel less bogged down and ready to move. Who knows, this may just be the beginning of a fresh, new minimalist lifestyle.

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