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4 Ways to Slash Moving Costs

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Based on a 2014 report conducted by Worldwide ERC, the average cost of moving a household is about $13,000. This figure is all-encompassing and includes long-distance moves, full-service professional moves and packing and moving homes of all sizes. If you’re moving a few pieces of furniture from one apartment to another down the street, your moving quotes will not be five-figures, or anywhere near it. But that doesn’t mean moving won’t be expensive- all the services and small fees add up to bigger price tag than most are expecting.  Here are four ways to minimize moving costs without neglecting your level of service.

Choose a Professional

A do-it-yourself move may seem like the most logical option for people trying to slash moving expenses, but when you consider the headache of time constraints, breaking valuables and scratching furniture while in transport, a professional moving company doesn’t seem like the worst idea. When looking for a moving quote, be sure to research beyond prices- do in-depth research on each company by looking at previous clients’ reviews and feedback. Using MoveEasy’s moving dashboard can help you gather this information and give you everything you need, all in one place.

Move During the Off Season

As with any industry, the demand for moving services hits periods of highs and lows throughout the year. During the off season, moving companies will strategically lower their service prices with the goal of attracting more business. Typically, the more competitive a particular neighborhood is among moving companies, the more the companies serving that area will lower their prices. If possible, avoid moving during the summer months because families will often choose to relocate during this time when their kids don’t have school. Recent college graduates will also be relocating during this time, further adding to the higher prices.

Be Frugal

Packing supplies can be expensive if you go to a hardware or moving supply store. If you plan ahead, you can avoid these high price tags by being resourceful. A few days before you start packing, check your local liquor, grocery or wholesale store for any discarded boxes they may have. If you plan ahead, you can also start saving the newspaper every day so that you can wrap all your breakables without having to go buy the supplies.

Purge Items You Don’t Need

Getting rid of items you have no further need of can lower your moving costs because most companies charge by the hour. If you have fewer items to transport, it will likely take less time to complete your move. Things to consider purging would be clothes you no longer wear, furniture that is being replaced in the near future or anything that is broken or no longer works.

These four ways to minimize moving costs are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more creative ways to slash costs. Ultimately, the cost-effectiveness of a move will depend on the time and effort allocated to plan and prepare for the actual moving day.

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