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3 Simple & Budget-Friendly Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

Budget Landscaping
Written by MoveEasy

Not all home sellers have the time and money to invest in landscaping. We understand that not only your time is valuable, but your money is also. Moving is already a big burden on your bank account, so we’re here to help by telling you that even just a few simple nips and tucks to a yard can increase a home’s curb appeal, hopefully resulting in a nice return. Here are a few simple tricks to help maximize property value.

3 Easy Landscaping Tips For Home Sellers on a Budget

1. Lawn Upkeep

Keep a well-manicured lawn by mowing and watering it regularly to maintain a clean and vibrant appearance, as well as keeping it free of weeds. A dry lawn with dandelion pockets will not do anything for your curb appeal and will decrease property value. Don’t underestimate how incredibly important lawn care is!

2. Add Plants

Adding a few potted plants near the front of the house requires little gardening skill and drastically improves your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, annual flowers will be cheaper than perennials, so buy a few eye-catching colors to give your yard a few bright focal points.

3. Prune

Overgrown shrubs, bushes or smaller trees are unattractive to the eye. Grab your sheers and get to work by giving them a well-cared for appearance to continue increasing your curb appeal.

Easy right? With just a few easily completable landscaping tasks–that are compatible with anyone’s budget–you have upped your curb appeal. Happy home selling!

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