21 Stages of Moving Back to College


  1. Saying all summer how much you can’t wait to move back to school
  2. Move in date is approaching and your parents keep nagging you to start packing
  3. You obviously wait until the night before to pack
  4. Telling yourself, “This is fine!” about your packing skills
  5. Finally arriving to your college home and you can feel your parents disgust
  6. But you don’t care because you know no college home is perfect
  7. Reuniting with your roommates finally
  8. Having to carry your stuff up countless amount of stairs because first-floor living is an urban myth in college
  9. Finally saying bye to your parents
  10. Celebrating accordingly with your roommates while you all unpack
  11. Putting up random decorations and admiring your handy work
  12. Peeping out your window to scope out your new neighbors moving in
  13. Going to bed finally and hear a noise and convince yourself your new house is haunted
  14. Host a “house-warming” party the next day as if people actually care what your new home looks like
  15. Waking up and realizing all your organizing was a waste
  16. But telling yourself “It wouldn’t have lasted that long anyways”
  17. Running errands before classes start and congratulating yourself for being responsible
  18. Then your first bill arrives and being an adult sucks again
  19. Having to adjust to everyone else’s living style
  20. Realizing you don’t have enough money for a decent meal
  21. And finally remembering living on your own can be great, but living at home definitely has its pros, is it Thanksgiving break yet?

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