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2021 Pandemic Resources for Agents

Written by Abbey Shafer

While welcoming the new year with open arms (see ya 2020!) we are still facing a pandemic that is altering the current state of reality. The housing market has seen many economic impacts due to COVID-19. Whether it be movers considering moves out west or down south where it is easier to social distance per Forbes, record low interest rates, or virtual home tours and the increased dependency on technology there is no doubt that times are certainly different. With this comes a different way of working, and a different need for certain resources. As we did at the beginning of the pandemic we have compiled a great list of COVID-19 resources for agents during these strange times.

How to buy or sell a home during coronavirus pandemic - Chicago Tribune

The National Association of Realtors

As we’ve stated before, the National Association of Realtors (often referred to as NAR) offers a great handful of resources. Their main COVID-19 resource center can be found here.

NAR Installs 2017 Officers

Financial Assistance:  Resources regarding financial help for agents can be found at the below links.

  • Mortgage and Personal Finance FAQ : Offering helpful insight into common questions regarding mortgage issues and current bank relief packages. A great tool for both agents & home buyers.
  • Small Business FAQs : As the NAR states, many realtors are owners or members of small business. This easy to read FAQ helps answer a handful of financial questions in regards to small business.
  • Budgeting Assistance : Looking to spend your money wisely? This helpful guide can help trim those unnecessary expenses.

Growth: Looking to learn while spending more time at home? The NAR offers a lot of great tools on how to develop your career further.

  • Pivot in Place Series: This series focused on new learnings fo agents is a great resource for classes of all different subjects. Learn about cybersecurity, Fair Housing principles, or COVID-19 legal concerns and how they are being addressed.

News: Staying up to date on what is going on in the market is important, luckily the NAR has some resources to help,

  • Weekly Housing Market Monitor : Keep a pulse on the current state of the housing market with this weekly report to help pivot when needed.
  • Realtor Magazine: Offering daily updates on all things related to the housing market including the impact COVID is having on it, Realtor Magazine is a great easy to navigate tool.


The Center of Disease Control is one of the best places to reference in regards to questions about COVID-19. The CDC frequently updates their site to include new information regarding the disease, and tools for businesses.

National Prevention Information Network | Connecting public health professionals with trusted information and each other.

General Information: The CDC has designated many portions of its sites specifically for business owners & employees who are being affected by COVID-19.

  • Workplace & Business Resources: Helpful resources such as FAQ’s, testing and contact tracing information, and additional tools can be found here.
  • Things to Know: A quick reference for COVID related issues like symptoms, what to do if you or someone in your household becomes sick, and where/how to get tested.
  • Data Tracker: An easy way to stay up to date with case numbers in your area.

Health Resources: Stay up to date with CDC recommendations in regards to procedures, social distancing, etc. to keep you and your coworkers safe.

  • Cleaning Procedures: CDC recommended cleaning protocols can be found here if you are cleaning an office. Helpful information on ventilation can also be found here.

Marketing Tools: The CDC has put together helpful marketing tools addressing COVID related topics

  • Communication Resources: Helpful videos & graphics that can be used to discuss important COVID-19 topics like wearing a mask or vaccine information.


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