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2017 Helpful Apps for Real Estate Agents

Almost a year ago we compiled a list of apps real estate agents found to be the most effective for their line of work. Since we live in a world of forever evolving technology, we’ve researched the most relevant, useful apps available for real estate agents today in 2017.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator is a free website that allows visitors to plug-in numbers to help determine time estimates, rates and values when choosing a mortgage plan. You are able to adjust things like dates, property tax and even Homeowner Association fees so your clients have a better understanding of payment. This kind of thorough planning will benefit you in knowing where their budget restraints exactly lie and strengthen their confidence in your ability to provide exact numbers.


Real estate agents are constantly dealing with measurements that need to be deciphered into different metrics like weight, size, length, volume, etc. Vert converts any number into your desired measurement. For example, if your client is from overseas and uses the metric system or they want to know the length of a room in inches and not feet, Vert can help translate. Vert can be found in the app store on any mobile or apple device.


If you find yourself always juggling papers, misplacing documents, or want an easy way to track your success, Dotloop is the app for you. Dotloop allows you to upload and share any necessary paperwork in one place. Agents and buyers can sign documents via phone or tablet and make edits to them at anytime. The app is able to integrate with other websites or apps so you can better organize your workload. Dotloop not only allows you to go paperless but also provides graphs to show your business progression. You are able to try Dotloop for free by visiting their website.

10 Min Realty

10 Min Realty could potentially change the way we show homes in the future. It is a free app for homebuyers that may stumble across a home they are interested in. All they have to do is send a request for a showing and the nearest available agents will be notified. An agent will accept the request and arrive on location to show the house in a matter of minutes. This app is great for any agent looking to expand their cliental or has some free time and looking to book a showing. 10 Min Realty cost a small monthly fee for agents but comes with big rewards.

Showing Suite

Showing Suite is a dream for any agent that feels overwhelmed with their busy schedule. Showing suite allows agents to plan their days more effectively by using their planner feature and receiving automated reminders. On top of that, they can market themselves to future buyers and copy client information from their online portals. This will keep track of emails, phone numbers, or even notes from previous showings in one spot. The app also has a spot to keep photos or videos to help you remember specific details of a home or to send to a client in the future. This app is available on the app store and cost a small monthly fee for agents.

MoveEasy and all of these apps want to minimize any future occurring problems real estate agents could face and help them with their long-term success.

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